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Lethal injection


Long ago, when the death penalty was in force universally, it was executed without human compassion. I don’t think it’s necessary to remember those methods that had their point of inflection with the guillotine – otherwise, so profusely used by the revolutionaries – but conceived as a more humanitarian procedure, without suffering and less pain. In countries that currently maintain the death penalty, the “lethal injection method” progresses.

It is still paradoxical that, while in the world the death penalty is gradually repealed, the help to die for the sick and the elderly is presented as a right. And it is striking that the procedure used in both cases is the same: lethal injection. An apparent contradiction that should lead to deep reflection to those who promote it.

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It is another expression of what is known as the “culture of death” of a society that, instead of being belligerent in the defense of human life from its conception to natural death, “progresses” in a radically opposite sense. Abortion and now euthanasia, are its most lacerating expression. Spain has invested the demographic pyramid, being at the head of the world in longevity rate, and in the queue in terms of birth, which affects the sustainability of our welfare state. The government’s solution seems to be to administer the lethal injection. It is the same of civilizations in crisis and decadent societies.



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