Lewis Hamilton modest about Mercedes F1’s 2023 chances[F1-Gate.com]

Lewis Hamilton has refused to comment publicly on the possibility of Mercedes reclaiming the title it lost last year after the 2023 season. Through 2022, Mercedes F1 had set the benchmark for other teams throughout the V6 turbo-hybrid engine era, winning eight consecutive constructors’ titles and seven drivers’ titles (six of them for Hamilton).

But when the new technical regulations were introduced, Mercedes’ F1 dominance came to an end and the troubled W13 managed just one win for the year. Mercedes is expected to rejoin the title race in the second year of the regulation, but Lewis Hamilton remains cautious about the team’s chances of reaching the top again. “I think everyone is more down to earth this year,” said Lewis Hamilton. “Maybe we won’t be the fastest out of the gate, but we can close the gap. Hopefully we can get closer and we have the potential to close the gap early in the season.” Mercedes When F1’s 2022 car showed race-winning pace in the second round from the end of the season, the Silver Arrows were already third in the overall points standings behind Red Bull and Ferrari. Still, Lewis Hamilton, who finished last year without a win for the first time in his F1 career, believes a one-two finish in Brazil in 2022 proved his team can bounce back from difficult circumstances. While not as optimistic as last year, Lewis Hamilton hopes the ‘best team’ will provide a car to challenge for an eighth world championship. Even if the W14 didn’t do well at first. “I wouldn’t say I’m bullish like I was last year,” declared Lewis Hamilton. “More cautiously, whatever we face, we have the best team to deal with it,” he said. We proved last year that we can come back in any situation, and that’s what we’re trying to do.” Many other teams on the grid are, of course, from the cars where Red Bull achieved a comfortable championship double last year. choose to be affected. But Mercedes F1 has opted to keep its faith in its bold zero-side pod concept for another season. Lewis Hamilton has praised the team’s decision to pursue its own direction on car philosophy rather than follow the crowd. “Of course you can see some cars approaching a Red Bull look, except probably Ferrari,” said Hamilton. “I don’t think we’ve ever been a team that imitates,” he said. And I think it worked in the past.”

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