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Prime Minister Kishida, who ordered an “inspection” of the relationship with the cult before the restructuring, would have been impossible for Mr. Abe to have a “state funeral”

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(Author/journalist: Yoichiro Aonuma)

On the 8th, it will be exactly one month since the shooting death of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

In the wake of the incident, with each passing day, public opinion began to question the relationship between the Unification Church (currently the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification) and politicians, especially Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers. In a poll conducted by Kyodo News at the end of July, 80% of people answered that it was necessary to clarify the actual situation regarding the relationship between the Unification Church and the political world.

Then, ahead of the Cabinet reshuffle and LDP executive appointments scheduled for the 10th, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida indicated at a press conference on the 6th that he would place importance on maintaining a distance from the Unification Church when selecting cabinet members and other personnel.

“Not only the newly appointed ministers, but also the current ministers and vice ministers will check their relationship with the relevant organizations and clarify the results. Then, I will instruct them to review it in an appropriate form.”

The Prime Minister himself said, “As far as I know, I have nothing to do with the organization.”

“Cabinet ministers must be very careful about relationships with groups that have been pointed out as socially problematic so that the public does not have suspicion.”

What is astonishing is that Prime Minister Kishida also recognized that the Unification Church is “an organization that has been pointed out as a social problem.”

Inspirational marketing that creeps up on people who have been hurt in the heart

Tetsuya Yamagami, 41, who shot Abe, said he had a grudge against the Unification Church because his mother was obsessed with it and donated a large amount of money, which destroyed the family. It is also reported that his mother sold the house and land without permission from her relatives and donated nearly 100 million yen to the cult. It is said that her mother’s involvement in the cult was the suicide of her husband, Yamagami’s father.

As this is a typical example, the Unification Church takes advantage of the weaknesses of those who have been hurt by the death of a family member or troubles in the home, saying, “Unhappiness is the fate of our ancestors,” “we must hold a memorial service,” If you continue like this, you will also fall into hell.” They sell expensive vases and treasured pagodas. It has long been called psychic marketing.

Nowadays, there are many cases where people hide their identities and lure them into the video center to make them believers. There is no end to judicial rulings that these donations, solicitations, and methods of gaining followers are illegal.

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