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2023-12-21 14:59:13

One of the songs about my outlook on life musician A Tuan once caused a stir on social networks Mouth of life. This song caused a fever and received many listens and views thanks to its intimate lyrics and partly reflects the reality going on in society.

Song ‘Mouth of Life’ – Composed and performed by: A Tuan

Musician A Tuan said that the inspiration for composing this song came from his own story, when he was the victim of poetic words and untrue gossip.

‘People’s mouths, we can’t stop them from speaking. However, defamatory words are very damaging, sometimes leaving unpredictable consequences. I myself used to be strong enough to overcome it and use family as motivation, but not everyone can do that. Therefore, each of us needs to be aware of our statements to avoid hurting others. – musician A Tuan shared.

‘No one’s life is perfect/ Don’t laugh at each other, disparage each other like that/ Mouth of the world, mouth of the world, don’t gossip/ Our family is the same, nothing less/ Let’s sympathize and tolerate each other Hey people, please live, live above the gossip world– The lyrics at the end of the song are like a message from the author to everyone: always be tolerant of the mistakes and imperfections of others.

Musician and singer A Tuan

Musician A Tuan is a multi-talented face in the music field, he both composes and performs his own songs. His songs are inspired by many different topics such as family, love between couples, love between husband and wife,…

In addition to music, A Tuan is also known as a supporter and sponsor of a number of artists and KOLs. This man has founded many community projects such as: The Children’s Division has more than 400 artistsHand-to-hand learning fund, Traitorous Life Fund, Paint a smile,… Not only that, he is also the organizer of many large charity programs to help unfortunate segments of society.

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