Lightyear Frontier: Multiplayer Mecha Farming Adventure Game Set to Launch in March 2024

2023-12-11 03:37:11

The new farm simulation game “Lightyear Frontier” (Lightyear Frontier) developed by Frame Break, a team in Skövde, Sweden, announced its launch schedule during the TGA Game Awards. Players will be able to play the game as soon as March 2024. “Lightyear Frontier” is a multiplayer cooperative adventure game that uses mechas to colonize alien planets. Players can board multi-functional mechas in the game and start farming life in a quiet open world. Up to 4 players Work together to develop a new home on a new planet, grow alien crops, build your own residence, and explore the pristine wilderness of this alien world. Yes, when “Lightyear Frontier” was first publicized, many players thought of a short animation “set” in the second season of NETFLIX’s “Love x Death x Robots”. The only difference is probably that this game does not have a large number of bugs to invade. . However, according to the trailer, players still need to deal with the alien ecosystem, remove mysterious pollution and invasive weeds, reduce various environmental hazards and repair the surrounding areas. The currently released images of “Lightyear Frontier” are rich in the atmosphere of free farm life. You can operate a mecha to saw down a tree, or use another mecha to plow the soil, or ride on a mining mecha. Carry out mining. Of course, not all activities require the use of mechas. When taking off the farm work, players can operate their characters to manage the farm, raise animals, throw food to birds, or simply decorate their own rooms. The multiplayer cooperative mecha farming adventure “Lightyear Frontier” is expected to be released in March 2024, and is expected to be available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass.

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