Liguilla Clausura 2023 at the moment: Classifieds, playoffs and quarterfinals of Liga MX

after a Closing 2023 that has given away good soccer moments, Liga MX is preparing to live its Liguilla number 54, considering only the period of consecutive short tournaments dating from the 1996-1997 season. Until now, striped, Toluca, America, Leon, Pachuca and Chivas They are the qualified.

As has been resumed since Guardianes 2020 (Opening), those who finish in the top four places in the standings after 17 days, will be those who advance directly to the Quarterfinals; the remaining eight will seek their pass via direct confrontation in the playoffs.

The current Mexican soccer tournament has had an indisputable master and lord, and that has been Rayados de Monterrey. Víctor Manuel Vucetich’s team ensured their presence, at least in the playoffs, from matchday 12, after winning the Clásico Regio against Tigres UANL.

The Gang was already joined by Deportivo Toluca, who defeated Puebla as a visitor in a duel on the 14th to tie his ticket to the playoffs, since it is impossible for him to fall beyond the tenth place in the standings. The list of qualifiers for the Clausura 2023 looks as follows with the date 14 underway:

  1. Striped – 34 points
  2. Toluca – 28 points
  3. America – 27 points
  4. Leon – 26 points
  5. Pachuca – 25 points
  6. Chivas – 25 points
  7. Tigers – 21 points
  8. Cruz Azul – 21 points
  9. Queretaro – 16 points

10 Puebla – 16 points
11 Saints – 16 points
12 Saint Louis – 15 points


Monterrey is the only one of the Liga MX teams that is securing its non-stop pass to the Quarterfinals of the Liguilla to be played.

With Matchday 14 of the Clausura 2023 in full swing, the goal to be overcome in order to avoid the play-off is 34 points, which ensure that they do not fall beyond fourth place in the standings. Toluca is six units away from achieving it; América to seven, León to 8 and Pachuca and Chivas to 9.


With day 14 of the regular phase of the Clausura 2023 still underway, the play-off that grants four tickets to the Liguilla MX Quarterfinals is not even remotely defined. A victory for Pumas, Juárez or Atlas can alter the order of the classification.

  • Pachuca vs. San Luis
  • Chivas vs Santos Laguna
  • Tigers vs. Puebla
  • Cruz Azul vs. Queretaro

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