Lin Zhiyong, chairman of Boyi City Congress, was sentenced to 7 years in prison for a fake car accident

The Yilan District Prosecutor’s Office stated that Lin Zhiyong, the chairman of the Yilan Citizens’ Representative Council, collided with his car last year, but the insurance method could not pay for it. 7 years of public authority.

The Yilan Local Prosecutor’s Office issued a press release stating that at noon on June 17 last year, Lin Zhiyong drove his Audi self-use passenger car (hereinafter referred to as “A car”) on Dafu Road in Yilan City when he collided with the roadside telephone pole, concrete guardrail, body It was seriously damaged, because the car was only insured with Fubon Insurance Co., Ltd. for Type C car body loss insurance, and the self-collision accident was not within the scope of compensation; while Lin Zhiyong served as the official car (hereinafter referred to as the B car) of the chairman of the Citizens Representative Council. P&C Insurance Co., Ltd. insures including any third-party auto liability insurance, excess auto liability insurance, etc. The maximum claim amount for the third-party auto damage is as high as NT$10.5 million.

Lin Zhiyong, chairman of the Baoyi City Congress, was sentenced to 7 years in prison for a fake car accident. (taken from the website of Yishi Office)

The prosecution pointed out that Lin Zhiyong attempted to settle insurance claims of 1,401,777 yuan, so he had the intention of defrauding insurance money. On the night of the collision of car A, Lin Zhiyong first drove car A to Dafu Road, Yilan City. His driver surnamed Chen drove the car. The man surnamed Deng from the service office of car B followed behind car A. After Lin Zhiyong rubbed the right side of car A against the roadside telephone pole, and then moved forward, he pressed the bumper to the concrete guardrail, creating the situation before the collision. The driver surnamed Chen drove car B to hit the rear bumper of car A, creating the illusion that car B was chasing car A, and then reported to the police.

The prosecution investigated that because the driver’s license surnamed Chen had been revoked at that time and he could not apply for insurance claims, Deng Nan lied to the police that he was the driver of car B, and hit car A because of overtaking carelessly. After the driver surnamed Chen obtained the registration form of the parties involved in the road traffic accident, he applied for a claim to the insurance company. Later, because Fubon Property and Casualty Insurance Company found an abnormality, the case was only exposed after investigation and investigation.

The prosecution said that as the chairman of the Citizens Representative Council, Lin Zhiyong did not want to set an example for the people. He used the opportunity of his position to seek personal gain. After committing the crime, he intended to abdicate responsibility and mislead the case, and put the responsibility on the driver surnamed Chen and Lin Zhiyong. The civil servants under the Corruption Regulations took advantage of their positions to defraud property and attempted to defraud.

(Editor-in-Chief: Zhuang Yanyu)

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