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Link of all government bonds | After the declaration of the state of emergency, the President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, ordered the delivery of different bonds to financially help the family members affected by the various confinement measures, all adopted to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in Peru. With the suspension of economic activities at the national level, many families were economically hit, especially those in poverty and extreme poverty. For this reason, the Ministries of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) and of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE) created and gave, so far, four bonds whose goal is to provide monetary support to 6.8 million households throughout Peru. These are the I Stay at Home Bono, Bono Rural, Bono Independiente and Bono Familiar Universal, which give 760 soles to beneficiary families.

Below, find out all the details of these subsidies, such as the official LINK, the payment methods and the places where they can be collected.

Rural Bond, Universal Family Bond, Independent Bond and the 380 soles Bond I stay at home. Photo: The Republic.

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The website is the only one official platform authorized by the Peruvian Government to consult on the four existing bonds. On this site, users have direct access to each of the subsidy portals, so they can choose to review the one that most interests them.

I stay at home

Universal Bonus Link

The LINK of the Universal Family Bond was the last to be enabled, last Wednesday, May 20. To enter, users must click on the link, where they will be asked to register their DNI and the issue date of this to know if they are beneficiaries.

In parallel, the Midis published another platform on the same date: the National Registry of Homes, for the registration of those who have not been included in any list of announced subsidies. Those who wish to register for this monetary benefit can access the official web portal HERE and validate, update and / or supplement their household information, so that their case is evaluated by the authorities.

If you want to know all the steps and more details, go to the following link.

YOU CAN SEE LINK Rural Bonus: check with your DNI how to withdraw the subsidy of 760 soles

The Bono Rural is a subsidy destined only to households in poverty and extreme poverty who reside in the most remote rural areas of the country. For this sector of the population, the OFFICIAL LINK It is, in which families who consider belonging to this group can consult by entering the ID number and the date of issue.

For more information on Rural Bonus, enter HERE.

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The Midis announced, last Saturday, May 30, the start of the payment of the Rural Bonus of 760 soles in the different populated centers of the interior of Peru, through transport companies of values.

Independent Bonus Link

For freelancers, the LINK enabled by the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE) is For consultation, the user must provide their ID number and the date of birth that appears on their identity document. More details in the following LINK.

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Link to Second 380 Bonus

Since May 1, the distribution of the second fleet of the Bono began. I stay at the house of 380 soles. So that the beneficiaries can know their payment method, either those who agreed to the first payment, and those recently added to the new registry by the Midis, must enter the LINK and check if they are a beneficiary with their DNI and date of issue.

To know the step by step, see the following link.

YOU CAN SEE ‘I stay at home’ bonus of 380 soles: find out HERE if you will access this economic benefit

What are the banks where you can collect the bonds?

The Government has authorized different banks and financial entities to distribute the subsidies, some of them authorized to deliver more than one. Next, we detail in which you can collect the different bonuses.

– 380 soles bonus: Banco de la Nación, Banco de Crédito (BCP), Scotiabank, Interbank (Tunki electronic wallet), BBVA Continental, Banco de Comercio and Caja Metropolitana de Lima.

– Independent Bonus: only in the Banco de la Nación.

– Rural Bonus: Banco de la Nación, Interbank, Caja Arequipa, Caja del Santa, Caja Huancayo, Caja Los Andes, Caja Raíz and Financiera Compartamos.

– Universal Family Bonus: Banco de la Nación, Interbank, BBVA Continental, CrediScotia and Banco de Comercio.

It is recommended that the payment These bonds are made at the ATMs and authorized agents of these financial institutions, in order to avoid queues at their premises.

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In addition, it should be noted that, in the case of the Rural Bond and the Universal Bond, the beneficiaries have a third modality to collect: through the vehicles of securities transport companies (ETV), also called gadores paying carts ’. These units will take the money to the most remote areas of the country according to a schedule that the Midis will be responsible for publishing on its official channels.

What is known about the new MIDIS bond for June?

The head of the Midis, Ariela Luna, confirmed this Saturday that there will be a new subsidy for those who have not benefited from the Universal Family Bonus of 760 soles. “Once we have all the homes, the next voucher will be set up to complete the Universal Family Bonus“Said the official.



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