Lionel Messi praised Bielsa and criticized a Uruguayan player: “He has to learn to respect”

2023-11-17 02:49:48

Lionel Messi He was the starter and captain of the Argentine National Team in a hot Classic of the Río de la Plata that won Uruguay by 2-0 in The Bombonera for the fifth date of the South American Qualifiers heading to World Cup 2026. After the match, La Pulga spoke to the press, analyzed the Albiceleste’s defeat and discussed the match against Brazil at the Maracaná Stadium for the next day.

«It was difficult for us to play. They are intense. They make you head to head, they have physical and fast people in the middle. “It was difficult for us to find our game.”said the Flea. And she added: «We never felt comfortable. We didn’t find a way to have the ball and have long possessions. That’s why their game makes us accelerate too and we become infected with that rhythm. “They are a physical team that works well and is very dangerous on the counterattack.”

In this context, Leo also highlighted the work of Marcelo Bielsa, who took over at Celeste in 2023: «You can see the hand of what they are. In all teams or clubs, including the Argentine team, his hand is noticeable. He has a good litter. TheY play very good. We had to lose. It’s a test too. “This could happen and we have to get up, try to have a great game in Brazil.”

Finally, the Rosario star praised the duel against Brazil: «It’s just like this one. The matches against Brazil are classics, separate matches, with a lot of history. Above all, because of how it has been lately. We have to stand up, always respecting what they are. Playing at the Maracaná is not easy.

What Messi said about Ugarte’s obscene gesture to De Paul

At 19 minutes into the first half, the Romero’s holiday he fought with Maximiliano Araujo for the ball on the side. There, Rodrigo DePaul He began his personal duel with Ugarte: He pushed him and provoked the reaction of Mathías Olivera, which consequently triggered the Flea’s anger. Shortly after, in a free kick in favor of Argentina, the midfielder Atlético de Madrid continued his dispute with the young man from PSGwho made an obscene gesture at him and said: “Messi’s bottle.”

Regarding this situation, the 10th commented: «It is normal in this type of matches, qualifying rounds, against Uruguay it is always like this. I prefer not to say what I think, but these young people have to learn, they have a good litter, a good selection, but they have to learn from the elders to respect because this classic was always intense and hard, but always with a lot of respect«.

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