LIVE – Attack in Niger: several French employees of the NGO ACTED among the victims


According to zoning carried out by the Quai d’Orsay, the whole of Niger is in red – that is to say “formally not recommended”. With the exception of the south-east of the country, classified in orange, where Kouré and Niamey are located. French nationals are “not advised” to go there “unless there is a compelling reason”. On its website, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns against “the terrorist threat hanging over Niger”. Terrorist movements present in neighboring Nigeria, in the south of the country, “are likely to conduct operations in Niger”. Kouré is on the border with Nigeria.

Generally speaking, Niger is a very high risk country. The French authorities recommend not to travel at night between cities, to be discreet about the dates, times and conditions of travel and to travel in a convoy with at least two vehicles. The Quai d’Orsay also recommends avoiding attendance at public events and places (hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs) that are insecure or out of the way.


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