Long live the cold! 6 ways to wear a scarf

There is garments that are completely immune to the passage of time. A scarf, for example. You can invest in one with complete certainty that every autumn-winter it will be one of your basics. No matter what the trends of the season, the rule is that you will always need a little protection around your neck.

The problem with these pieces is that they often fall boring closet syndrome victims. You just stop thinking of new ways to combine them and repeat the formula over and over again without stopping, until your looks start to lack emotion. And no, it is not the fault of the garment … it is that We forget that it can be the perfect excuse to add a touch of color or have fun with our closet.

So yes, the time has come to dust off your scarves and prepare for the winter. With boldness and without boredomof course. The inspiration you are looking for you will find here. Take note, these are the six ways to wear a scarf today, tomorrow and always.

In false fur

Fur is unacceptable. Faux fur, on the other hand, is the definition of fun. Any look can get just the right dose of boldness with a touch of plush. Think animal print, vibrant colors or pastels, there are no limits.

© Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Full coverage

Heidi was singing ‘Grandpa, tell me’ with nothing more than a scarf tied around her head in the frigid winter of the Swiss Alps, do you need more proof that this is the best way to wear them? In addition to keeping you completely covered from the cold, the cool factor of your look will rise to the skies.

© Jonathan Daniel Pryce

In XL version

There is nothing that does not work in XL version. The best thing about wearing a very, very large scarf is that you will have the most cozy look, in the best hygge style. This can be a versatile look, because you can always use the scarf in an enveloping way like a poncho and give your outfit a twist.

The sweater / scarf

What if you change your scarf for a sweater? In the same way, you will wear it tied around your neck and it will keep you “warm” during the day, but you will be looking like a street style star.

The classics never die

There will never be anything like a scarf in its most classic version. Here the trick will be to handle the color palette like an expert. There will always be two possible correct paths: 1. Stay within the same tonal range (eg neutrals) and 2. Add a contrasting color accent.

Mascada for the not so cold days

From time to time, winter gives us a sunny day. Yes, the wind is still blowing and the temperature does not rise too much, but it does rise enough for a scarf to become excess. However, if you leave the house with your neck completely uncovered, you freeze. And this is where a hybrid will come to the rescue: a scarf. Tying it around your neck will be enough to cover and keep you cool at the same time, regardless of the changes in weather that may occur throughout the day.

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