Why should newborn babies not be left alone in the room at night? – Life & Style

Taking care of newborn babies is considered a big challenge for parents, but in western society, newborn babies also have separate rooms.

This is the reason why parents do not know what happens to newborn babies in the dark of night.

However, a similar video on social media has shocked social media users where a newborn baby was allegedly dragged under the bed by something.

According to Indian media, this video was uploaded on TikTok, in which the hidden camera in the newborn baby’s room recorded the incident that happened with the baby.

The parents came to know about the incident when the newborn often woke up crying during the night, after which a security camera revealed the secret.

In the video, the newborn can be seen touching something under the bed, as if someone is pulling her towards her. After which, as soon as the newborn goes under the bed, it is allegedly known that someone is dragging him under the bed.

Meanwhile, there are some users who were wondering why the newborn was allowed to sleep alone in the dark of night.

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2024-05-04 22:32:38

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