López Obrador thanks Canada for “stronger condemnation” against Ecuador

MEXICO CITY.— This Friday, during his usual morning conference, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, thanks to canada by “modify your posture” about him conflict with Ecuador and issue a “strongest condemnation” against him assault on the Mexican Embassy in Quito a week ago.

“It’s good that the Government of Canada modified its position because, initially, like the Government of the United States (it was ambiguous), nothing more than that Canada’s first statement was even worse than that of the United States,” said the president.

López Obrador, who on Tuesday accused his North American partners of an “ambiguous position,” referred to the new statement by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which on Thursday “condemned all violations of the Vienna Convention and international law.” and reaffirmed his disappointment that Ecuador has done so.”

The president argued that Canada’s first statement on the events of last Friday spoke of the “possible, alleged or apparent” violation of the Vienna Convention despite the invasion of the Ecuadorian authorities into the Mexican Embassy to take away the former Ecuadorian vice president. Jorge Glas (2013-2017).

“They broke into the Embassy, ​​when they raided the Embassy, ​​and they said ‘apparent’ violation of international law,” he criticized.

The Mexican president attributed Canada’s change of position, like that of Washington, to the images that his Government revealed on Tuesday of the interior of the Mexican Embassy.

Security cameras inside the facility show how the police jumped over the Embassy fence and then pointed a gun at Roberto Canseco, in charge of the diplomatic mission, while they carried Glas away.

“In the case of the United States, they did it well, after we sent a fragment of the videos, which we assume President (Joe) Biden had not seen,” he commented. “In the case of Canada, the same, yesterday there was already a more energetic statement, attached to what happened,” he added.

The assault on the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador and the breaking of diplomatic relations marks one week this Friday.

López Obrador now reiterated that it is Mexico’s priority that the international Court of Justice (ICJ) resolves the lawsuit that the Mexican Government presented against Ecuador on Thursday, insisting that the UN must suspend the South American country until he offers a public apology.

The president announced that he will participate next Tuesday in the virtual summit extraordinary meeting of leaders called by the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) to address the crisis, stating that “there has been a lot of solidarity with Mexico.”

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