“Love can do everything…”: Carlos Caszely moved after sharing a special record singing to his wife

Former soccer player Carlos Caszely moved his followers after sharing a special record on the web with María de los Ángeles Guerra, his wife who is fighting cancer.

Through his Instagram account, the former Colo Colo player shared a tender video where he appears in his room with his wife, while he dances and sings to entertain her. after being discharged after spending a few days in the Las Condes Clinic.

“Singing to my wife, my friend, my companion. Mary is my love. Love can do everything!” Caszely wrote, filling himself with affectionate messages.

During this day, he shared a new record, a photo where he appears with María de los Ángeles eating in his room. “One more day, one day won,” she added, receiving messages of support from her followers.

Check out the logs below:

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