Love Without Boundaries: The Inspiring Journey of Mariana Varela and Fabiola Valentin

2023-06-26 20:56:59

When they met at a beauty pageant in Thailand three years ago, the Argentine mariana varela and the Puerto Rican Fabiola Valentin They knew right away that something united them. “From that moment we made a connection and became inseparable,” says Valentín. Although their love relationship began then, the world found out in October when the photo of the 26-year-old former Miss Argentina and the 23-year-old former Miss Puerto Rico, announcing on networks that they had married, went viral.

Since then they have received numerous congratulations, and the occasional criticism, for which the two models are more than prepared. “We understand that criticism comes along with the exhibition. It is an apprenticeship that we have had through our profession and we know that in this world there are different opinions and ways of seeing life,” Valentín observes. “But if these opinions towards us are malicious or lacking in truth, we don’t let it get to us.” With their love for shield, whatever they do they go hand in hand. “We accompany each other at all times, from a cup of coffee to our personal goals,” says Valentín. —Leonela Taveras

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