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2023-12-12 23:00:00

  • Yoga nidra for your memory

Even among novices, two weeks of regular 20-minute yoga nidra sessions is enough to improve deep sleep and memory. As this type of yoga is not very physical, it is a godsend for those who cannot practice more intense activities.

Sport is known to improve memory and sleep. If you cannot do it due to your physical condition, rest assured, a recent study has just shown that the daily practice of other gentler activities, such as yoga nidra, can be just as beneficial.

Relaxing yoga that promotes delta waves

This is a study, published this December 13 in the journal PLOS ONE who teaches us. For two weeks, members of the medical service of the Indian armed forces asked completely novice beginners to practice daily 20 minutes of yoga called “nidra” following the instructions of an audio recording.

After two weeks, the researchers took measurements of sleep quality and a battery of cognitive tests. They then found that the participants had a “sleep” more efficient ” and one Significantly increased delta brainwave percentage during deep sleep (but with age, the percentage of deep sleep tends to decrease). Furthermore, all cognitive abilities tested improved (faster responses to cognitive tests without loss of accuracy, faster and more accurate responses to tests of spatial memory, short-term and long-term memory). The positive impact of slow waves (such as delta waves) on cognitive abilities has already been documented. Even recently, a study published in the journal JAMA Neurology concluded that impaired deep sleep with fewer slow waves may be a risk factor for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

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A gentle and relaxing yoga that is practiced lying down

Also called “sleep yoga”, this type of yoga, similar to guided meditation, promotes deep relaxation, close to sleep. Unlike other more active forms of yoga, such as ashtanga, vinyasa or hatha yoga, which require you to hold precise physical postures by combining them with breathing and muscular control, yoga nidra is practiced lying down and leads to a state of conscious relaxation. Until then, it was known to improve sleep, but there were few concrete measures to prove it.

To conclude, the authors of this study believe that it now provides objective evidence for the effectiveness of yoga nidra in improving sleep quality and cognitive performance. Inexpensive and very accessible, this activity could benefit many people, particularly our elders in retirement homes, or at home.

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