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The mainland announced the “new ten measures” for epidemic prevention. Hong Kong stocks first fell on the first day, and the next day, the Hong Kong government followed the epidemic to speculate again. The Hang Seng Index broke through 19,000 points again. Stockholders of goods have not been able to do so for the time being. With the capital chasing behind, asset stocks such as hotels and real estate development stocks have begun to be sought after.

The performance of Hong Kong stocks fluctuated greatly in the fourth quarter. The Hang Seng Index fell rapidly after breaking through 20,000 points in October. However, the rebound of the market in November is equally eager, so unless you have the courage to chase high, you will not be able to get in the car. It seems that the market fell more than 600 points in one day on Wednesday, but it opened 151 points higher yesterday and then rose step by step. It quickly regained the 10,000-point barrier, reaching a high of 19,521 points, and finally rose 707 points. Investors have to judge if they hesitate.
Tourism stocks are finely grained and grabbed for speculation

The external market is bullish. Wall Street is waiting to see next week’s interest rate meeting. Judging from the performance of US bonds, the market mainly depends on whether the US will slow down the pace of interest rate hikes. The last time big interest rate hikers speculated before the meeting, this time it may not be the case. Speculators may intimidate the Fed with the threat of recession. Unless the officials release good news, it is believed that the US stock market will not have a strong momentum before the meeting. Under the weak external environment, Hong Kong stocks continued to speculate on the concept of customs clearance in the mainland. After the introduction of the “New Ten Measures”, some people compared the prevention and control measures in the mainland with those in the local area, and some of them were more relaxed. Therefore, the news that the SAR government would ease the restrictions again early in the morning, and the consumption and retail stocks related to China and Hong Kong generally performed well. Air China (753) rose 6% to close at 6.97 yuan; Cathay Pacific (293) rose 4% to close at 8.5 yuan; IMAX China (1970) rose 17% to close at 8.01 yuan; Maoyan Entertainment (1896) rose 12% to close at 9.05 yuan; Chow Tai Fook (1929) rose 2% to close at 14.88 yuan; Haidilao (6862) rose another 6% to close at 22.2 yuan.

Fund speculation has changed from large stocks to small stocks. Local tourism shareholder Yingyou (6882) soared 18% to close at 0.99 yuan; Professional Travel (1235) surged 16% to close at 0.203 yuan. Christmas is approaching and many people have already packed their bags When preparing to visit the port, travel agencies also began to sell advertisements, as if a professional travel agent Zhong Luoben title-sponsored a TV program and robbed fo. I heard from people in the industry that after two years of harsh winters, the travel agency still has no business. The main reason is that the number of flights is limited, but the prospects are improving. Everyone is scrambling to make publicity. The most I don’t understand is that Cathay Pacific, which has received public money injections, has employees. If you want to go on strike at this time, should financial officials intervene as soon as possible in such an event related to the overall economy, or even issue a start-of-work order like South Korea to ensure that tourists travel?

Tourism stocks are speculating, and there are some reasons why small grains are easy to eat. The market has risen by 5,000 points. Inland real estate and science and technology are stable. Other stocks have caught up one after another. Yesterday, domestic insurance stocks also performed well. Ping An ( 2318) closed at 51.45 yuan, up nearly 5%; CPIC (966) even rose more than 8% to close at 9.21 yuan. If the stock market and bond market improve, it will have a positive effect on the income of insurance companies, and domestic insurance stocks are still lagging behind, thus attracting funds to bet.
Inside the Internet of Science and Technology into the two gallbladders of the market

As for the rising market Shuangdanke Internet stocks and Funormal concept stocks, the gains are still strong. The Hang Seng Index closed at 19450 points throughout the day, up 635 points or 3.38%. The State Index closed at 6,666 points, up 233 points; the KCI closed at 4,270 points, up 265 points, continuing to outperform the market, with a turnover of 160.6 billion yuan. Internet stocks led the gains. Alibaba Health (241) soared 16% to close at 9.83 yuan, making it the best-performing blue-chip stock; Bilibili (9626) rose 22% to close at 189 yuan, making it the best-performing KSI constituent stock. Alibaba (9988) rose 5% to close at 89.4 yuan; Tencent (700) rose 6% to close at 317.4 yuan; Meituan (3690) rose 6.5% to close at 178.3 yuan; NetEase (9999) rose 8% to close at 112.2 yuan.

Macau is about to hold a press conference on the epidemic and the latest prevention and control measures. The market expects that the anti-epidemic measures will be relaxed. In addition, Citigroup, a leading bank, has favored gambling stocks and raised the target prices of several stocks. The gambling stocks ran out. Wynn Macau (1128) rose 22.4% to close at 9.51 yuan; Sands China (1928) rose 10% to close at 25.85 yuan; MGM China (2282) rose 13% to close at 8.48 yuan; SJM (880) rose 11% , to close at 4.62 yuan; Galaxy Entertainment (027) rose 5.62% to close at 52.6 yuan; Melco International Development (200) rose 16% to close at 8.92 yuan.

The mainland advocates making good use of policies such as “guaranteed real estate” special loans and private enterprise bond financing support tools to increase loans to real estate companies. Mainland real estate and property management stocks have been speculated, and Country Garden (2007), which has approved three shares Rising 5%, to close at 2.82 yuan; Country Garden Services (6098) rose 6.34%, to close at 21.8 yuan; CIFI (884) soared 9.92%, to close at 1.44 yuan; Rising Sun Eternal Life Services (1995) rose 6%, to close at 5.47 yuan; Longfor (960 ) rose 8.5% to close at 24.9 yuan.
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