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US stocks fell and Hong Kong stocks rebounded, driven by mainland A shares. A few days ago, US stocks fell sharply. A-shares broke through 3,000 points on Tuesday and then turned around in a single day. By yesterday, they rose by 0.8%. It seems that mainland investors took advantage of the situation and rebounded, which brought stimulation to Hong Kong stocks.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the mainland stock market is that US President Biden said in a speech to the nation in Washington on the 10th that the White House was reviewing the imposition of punitive tariffs on Chinese goods during the administration of former President Trump. It is possible to choose to remove the above-mentioned tax increase altogether. In addition, there are other good news that are rarely mentioned by local people. One is that the epidemic situation in Shanghai continues to ease. There are already 8 districts in the city and Fenjie Town in Pudong. Unblocking, electric car factories and other enterprises have reopened one after another.
BYD will take revenge first

Second, there is news of the issuance of special treasury bonds in the market, there are suggestions from securities companies’ research reports, and then there are media reports. The securities companies proposed to consider issuing additional special treasury bonds, which will be used for the three major tasks of supporting infrastructure, anti-epidemic relief, and granting subsidies to maintain economic and social stability. These three items will increase fiscal expenditure by 3.7 trillion yuan, and there is an initiative to issue 2 trillion yuan of special government bonds as a source of funds as soon as possible. As the proposal is still in the advocacy stage, A shares retreated in late trading. The Shanghai Composite Index rose by more than 1% shortly after the opening of the market, and even rose by more than 2% in the afternoon, reaching a high of 3100 points. After that, the selling pressure increased sharply, which led to the rapid narrowing of the Shanghai Composite Index. On the rise, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 1.8% throughout the day, and the ChiNext Index soared 3%.
U.S. stocks are dragged down and driven by A-shares, and when stocks are speculated, they are also in harmony with the mainland. The leading A-share market has risen sharply across the board. The battery stock Wang Ningde, which was sold by foreign investors earlier, has risen by more than 10%. The new energy vehicle sector has been described as a violent rebound. , BYD (1211) soared 8.5% to close at 233.2 yuan, the best performing HSI constituent stock. Geely Automobile (175) rose 6.8% to close at 11.92 yuan; Great Wall Motor (2333) rose 6% to close at 9.65 yuan; Ideal Motors (2015) rose 10% to close at 87.2 yuan; Xiaopeng Motors (9868) surged 5%, To close at 86.55 yuan.

In the sector, Ideal, Xiaopeng, etc. are all Chinese concept stocks. They are listed in the United States first and then listed in Hong Kong. BYD is an old Hong Kong stock. It came to Hong Kong for many years to start car batteries, and then got involved in new energy vehicles. This year, the group launched a new car model The market reputation is good, and the basic skills are relatively solid. When the new energy vehicles in the United States were speculated, BYD’s stock price rose by more than 300 yuan. As the Hong Kong stock market fell, BYD’s share price peaked and adjusted, but the support was quite strong at the 200 yuan level. At present, the United States often targets China. BYD’s business is mainly in the mainland, and it is less exposed to political risks. If it falls near this level, there will be opportunities for short-term speculation.
Meituan Tencent pushes HSI up 190 points

The Hang Seng Index closed at 19,824 points yesterday, up 190 points, up 1%, and the 20,000 mark was lost; the HSCEI closed at 6,769 points, up 111 points; the KSE closed at 4,019 points, up 112 points, with a turnover of 126.1 billion yuan. Heavyweight stocks such as Meituan (3690) and Tencent (700) led the market to rise. However, ATMJ developed individually. Meituan Dianping rose 6% to close at 161.4 yuan; Tencent rose 2.7% to close at 350.4 yuan; Jingdong (9618) rose 0.1% to close at 208.2 yuan; Alibaba (9988) fell 0.4% to close at 85.65 yuan . Kuaishou (1024) rose 7.5% to close at 62.9 yuan; WuXi Biologics (2269) surged 6.48% to close at 52.6 yuan; Fosun Pharma (2196) surged 10.8% to close at 33.25 yuan.

Mainland property stocks were generally soft, China Overseas (688) closed down 3% at 22.95 yuan; Longfor Group (960) closed down 2% at 36.05 yuan. However, Country Garden Services (6098) closed up 4% to 26.65 yuan; Country Garden (2007) rose 0.45% to close at 4.47 yuan.
Lu Yuren

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