Luis Manuel Ávila makes TikTok giving the voice to Gohan!

Luis Manuel Ávila made a TikTok to show us what it would be like if he gave Gohan a voice in Dragon Ball.

Thousands of fans in Mexico wait for the release date of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the most recent feature film of the Z Warriors that will be released in Japan on April 22. However, with the sensitive passing of the legendary voice actor, Luis Alfonso Mendoza, several groups of fans began to speculate who could give life to Gohanthe first son of Goku.

Since the new movie was announced, in social networks they propose as a candidate a Luis Manuel Avila famous for his participation as Junior, the strange adopted son of Ludovico and Federica in the show created by Eugenio Derbez: The P. Luche Family.

Audition on social networks!

The conversation has continued for days because the actor’s tone of voice is very similar to the one Mendoza used to bring to life Gohanbut now the actor surprised everyone with a new TikTok in which he shows us that his voice It suits the animated character very well.

In the description of the video you can see that Ávila did the TikTok for the group “Mario Castañeda Charged Us”, a group of Facebook focused on talking about Latin dubbing.

What do you think, Cinephiles and Cinephiles? Would you like Luis Manuel Ávila to be Gohan’s new voice?

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