Luis Mateo Díez, 2020 National Prize for Spanish Letters

The writer and academic Luis Mateo Díez

The writer Luis Mateo Díez has been awarded the National Prize for Literature Spanish 2020 granted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

This has been announced by the minister, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, on his Twitter account, in which he explains that he has communicated to the writer the award of this award in recognition for all his work.

According to the jury’s assessment, Luis Mateo Díez (Villablino, León 1942) has been chosen by “his uniqueness as a writer in various genres, and especially as a storyteller”, as well as having a literature “heir to an oral culture in which it was born and from which it registers its progressive disappearance.” “To this,” adds the jury, “is added a technique and a poetic language of extraordinary richness and a constant concern for the moral dimension of the human being “.

The award, granted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is endowed with 40,000 euros and distinguishes the set of literary work, in any of the Spanish languages, of a Spanish author or Spanish author, whose work is considered as an integral part of the set of current Spanish literature.

The jury for this edition has been chaired by María José Gálvez Salvador, general director of the Book and Promotion of Reading and has acted as vice president Begoña Cerro Prada, deputy director of Promotion of Spanish Books, Reading and Literature.

In addition, it has been formed by Carmen Iglesias Cano, by the Royal Spanish Academy; Víctor Fernández Freixanes, for the Royal Galician Academy; Javier Calzacorta Elorza, for the Royal Academy of the Basque Language; Martí Domínguez Romero, for the Institute of Catalan Studies and María Antonia Martín Zorraquino, for the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE).

It has been completed by Clara Sánchez Muñoz, by the Association of Writers of Spain (ACE); Luis Alberto de Cuenca y Prado, for the Spanish Association of Literary Critics; Jesús García Calero, for the Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain (FAPE); Isabel Ortega Sánchez, for the UNED Center for Gender Studies; Epícteto José Díaz Navarro, by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Bernardo Atxaga, award-winning author in the 2019 call.

Luis Mateo Díez is member of the Royal Spanish Academy and has been awarded numerous literary awards, including the Critics and the National Narrative for ‘The source of age’ (1986).


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