Luis Miguel would be interested in buying Enrique Ponce’s farm

In recent days, much has been said about a possible relationship in between dove caves y Luis Miguel. The one that would become the surprise couple of the summer, the ex of Henry Ponce and the star have known each other for more than two decades, since the singer has always maintained an intimate relationship with the right-hander. In fact, Luis Miguel also had a romantic relationship with a friend of Paloma, Genoveva Casanova, so it was not surprising to see the four together both in Spain and in Mexico. Now, new information is revealed: Luis Miguel would be interested in buying the Cetrina estate, which was the marriage’s family residence, as they say in ‘Sálvame’. According to Maria Patino, the Mexican artist has been in negotiations for five months and that would be one of the reasons why it is so close to Paloma Cuevas. However, one thing does not eliminate the other. Luis Miguel may want to buy the farm and, furthermore, he may have fallen in love with Paloma Cuevas, a beauty that removes the hiccups wherever it goes. The latest information suggests that the couple would have enjoyed a dinner for two in an Asian restaurant in one of the most exclusive hotels in the Madrid capital, where they have been seen by several diners. Paloma Cuevas has decided to remain silent for an answer and has not wanted to attend to the calls from the media. Nor those of his press officer, who did not know what to say to the journalists who have called her to confirm or deny this information.

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