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The incidence of lymphoma is considered to be one of the 10 most common cancers in Thailand. According to 2020 statistics, it is found that lymphoma Ranked 8th among other types of cancer. It is ranked 5th among males and 9th among females. On average, each year About 4,500-5,000 new cancer patients will be found.

???? Lymphatic system
It is part of the body’s immune system, consisting of lymph nodes. Lymphatic tube Lymphatic organs, such as the thymus, spleen, and bone marrow, are involved in the production of white blood cells called lymphocytes. and protect the body from germs and foreign things

???? Lymphoma
Also called lymphoma, it is caused by white blood cells mutating in various stages. Leads to lymphoma

????Risk factors
Not yet known for sure But from preliminary studies, it was found that there are risk factors including:

aging which the incidence of lymphoma is increasing As men age, they are more likely to develop lymphoma than females. Some infections such as bacterial infections in the stomach, EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) infection, and Hepatitis C virus (Hepatitis C virus). These infections stimulate inflammation. causing lymphoma to develop Immunocompromised people, such as HIV patients People who have received an organ transplant or receive immunosuppressive drugs. However, these patients do not have to worry. Because when you see a doctor There will be a follow-up inspection. Whether it’s a blood test or physical examination, etc. Autoimmune disease: SLE patients have an increased incidence of lymphoma. Exposure to chemicals such as pesticides

Patients will have a wide variety of symptoms. Most patients see a doctor because of enlarged lymph nodes. But other symptoms that can be found include fever, fatigue due to complications from lymphoma, weight loss, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, chronic cough, etc.

???? Lymphoma In what areas can it occur?
Can occur anywhere Because lymph nodes are all over the body. Whether it is the neck, armpits, crook of the arms, crooks of the legs, chest or abdomen. and still in various organs of the body as well Whether it is the intestines or stomach, lymphoma can occur anywhere.

When palpated it is a lump that looks like an eraser, flexible and soft, does not hurt when pressed. It is found in more than one location, such as the neck, armpits, collarbone, groin.

????Types of lymphoma

Hodgkin’s lymphoma, or Hodgkin’s disease, is a type of cancer that results from abnormal growth of white blood cells in the body’s lymphatic system. and can spread to various organ tissues Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma), which can be further divided into B-Cell or T-Cell lymphoma.

????Lymphoma growth characteristics

The growth rate is gradual, relatively slow, the growth rate is intense. fast cancer cell growth

Is the cure rate? Compared to other cancers, it is relatively good and can be cured. No matter what distance


history taking and physical examination The doctor will touch your neck, armpits, and groin to check for swelling. and check whether the liver or spleen is enlarged or not, blood tests, analysis of various cells Lymph node biopsy To analyze the type of lymphoma Bone marrow aspiration It assesses the stage of lymphoma. Diagnostic imaging tests such as CT Scan, MRI Scan and PET Scan


Surveillance is monitoring and monitoring. The doctor will examine and ask about symptoms. Suitable for slow-growing lymphomas. Therefore, you may have to wait until you have symptoms. During that time, you should make periodic doctor appointments. To monitor symptoms. Chemotherapy involves giving drugs to kill rapidly growing cancer cells in the form of pills. or intravenous radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells by using high energy beams to destroy cancer cells Monoclonal Antibody Therapy: Synthetic substances that bind to proteins on cancer cells. After that, the body’s immune system will be stimulated to eliminate cancer cells. bone marrow transplant or hematopoietic stem cell transplant Other treatments such as immunotherapy and treatment and cell therapy

????Staging of lymphoma
Stage 1: There are lesions in the lymph nodes. or outside the lymph nodes in only one location
Stage 2: There are lesions in the lymph nodes. Or outside the lymph nodes from 2 locations, above or on the diaphragm.
Stage 3: There are lesions in the lymph nodes. or outside the lymph nodes Occurs in the upper and lower areas of the diaphragm.
Stage 4: Spread to other organs such as bone marrow and liver.

????Self care

Eat food from all 5 food groups, clean, freshly cooked food, eat fruits with thick skins such as bananas and oranges, which must be washed and cleaned every time. You should not eat fruits with thin skins, such as guava, grapes, or fruits that are eaten with the whole skin. This is because in the case of fruits with thin skins or fruits that are eaten with their entire skins. It may be found that worms have burrowed into the flesh of the fruit, making it easily vulnerable to infection. Wash your hands thoroughly before eating every time. Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages Exercise as much as you can tolerate, as appropriate. You shouldn’t just stay in the bedroom. But there must be no risk of falling and hitting. If you feel dizzy or dizzy, keep your body clean. You should shower at least 2 times a day, using mild soap, especially on damp spots. Use a fragrance-free lotion on the skin. Rinse your mouth after meals. Brush your teeth gently with a brush with soft bristles. You should get enough sleep. If you have a fever, you should see a doctor immediately. So that the doctor can consider giving antibiotics appropriately and in a timely manner.

Thank you for the information from: Prof. Dr. Teerachat Panchet, Lecturer in the Hematology Unit. Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University

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