“Ma Ornapha” posted thanks to lawyers for providing knowledge on petty offences abroad. Can’t bring the case to the Thai courts.

From the case of Ma-Onnapha Kritsadee, a former host-famous actor was tied to the knot, exposing the fury that lawyer Tam came out to expose one of the senior actors who received a job to take customers who are younger actors to get handsome in Korea But instead, there was dissatisfaction that the younger actors did not eat crab too. Therefore slapping the face in the middle of a department store in Korea, which the horse has clarified through the media that Lawyers come out to unfold, write too And finished adjusting the understanding, on November 30, I will come back and clarify everything myself. As already presented in the news

Recently, on the side of a famous lawyer, Mr. Yodmongkol Sap Phaisan Suk A message was posted on a personal Facebook page, Sappisansook Yodmongkhon, to educate about such matters stating…

“In case of a story about one star slapping another star in South Korea which, when viewed from the clip of the event not serious and only do it once.”

“The lawyer thinks that according to Thai law will fall under the Criminal Code Section 391 which is a misdemeanor who uses force to harm others without causing physical or mental harm shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one month or a fine not exceeding ten thousand baht or both The court may, at its discretion, impose imprisonment and fines less than this. in which the imprisonment can be suspended depending on the circumstances of the offense and the severity of the case”

“To the question that this type of case can be brought to the Thai court or not. Lawyer said no. Misdemeanor cases committed outside the Kingdom Even though the offender and the offender are Thai people But it is not a case that can be prosecuted in the Kingdom…”

At the same time, the person also raised the laws, including Section 5, Section 6 and Section 7, as support and concluded at the end that…”Since the criminal law does not prescribe that the offense of a petty offense must be punished punishment in the kingdom Onnapha’s actions Therefore, it cannot be brought to prosecute at the Thai courts.”

Then on the side of the horse, Onnapha, commented under the post, stating, “Thank you.”

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