Macron asks the executive to receive concerned elected officials from disadvantaged neighborhoods

The latter had launched a “cry for help” on Friday. The next day, Emmanuel Macron asked the government to receive elected officials worried about disadvantaged neighborhoods during the coronavirus crisis, the Elysee said on Saturday.

“The President has received the letter. He shares the concerns and objectives of the signatories “and” asks the government to receive these elected officials and to work with them “, indicated the entourage of the Head of State, without specifying, at this stage, a date.

In addition, Emmanuel Macron “wants France Relance to be there for working-class neighborhoods as well as for rurality”. These 150 or so elected officials asked in their open letter that 1% of the 100 billion euros of the recovery plan be made safe for the “stalled territories”, whose “social and economic distress” has been accentuated by the health crisis.

“Local solidarity committees”

This “1% solidarity” out of the 100 billion euros supposed to help France from 2020 to 2022 to rebound in the face of the recession, will make it possible to fund several funds as a priority, according to the signatories: for “associations working for youth and public in difficulty ”,“ the creation of local solidarity committees ”and“ medical homes and health centers ”in the poorest towns, as well as“ the mobilization of employment actors ”.

The 150 elected officials are mayors or presidents of agglomerations, who indicate that they represent “nearly 10 million inhabitants”.

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