world Maduro, about the «Delcygate»: «What the vice president spoke...

Maduro, about the «Delcygate»: «What the vice president spoke with Ábalos is a secret»


Nicolás Maduro has summoned the international media to answer any question of interest after the arrival of Juan Guaidó to Venezuela after an international tour of Europe and the United States. An awkward situation for the Government of Venezuela, which does not usually meet with the press. In national radio and television broadcast, the Venezuelan president said that Spain had invented the novel “El Delcygate”, with a permanent campaign of discrediting Spain against Venezuela, but “the vast majority of public opinion understands what happens and when They asked who the constitutional president is in a very prestigious poll, 56.3% said Nicolás Maduro Moros, ”said the president.

When asked what he talked with the Minister of Transportation, José Luis Ábalos, in his meeting at the Barajas airport, he simply said: «That is Delcy’s secret, she has not told me that secret, what do I talk about Ábalos».

Delcy Rodríguez landed early on Sunday, January 26 at the Madrid-Barajas airport for an international tour, justified the vice president who is sanctioned by the US and the European Union for committing crimes against humanity. «He arrived and left our Tourism Minister, who was officially invited to the International Tourism Fair (Fitur). He spent more than a week, greeted the King, shared with the ministers of the Government of Spain and with the Spanish businessmen who want to come to Venezuela to invest in hotels, casino and oil, ”Maduro explained why Rodriguez’s stay in territory Spanish.

According to Maduro, the Chavista Vice President continued her tour of other countries, which she described as “successful”, to address issues of national interest. “It does not have an unusual history, what happens is that the Spanish right acts as if Franco were alive and if Delcy goes to Spain you have to stop her, humiliate her and kick her out,” Maduro snapped at the controversy generated by the meeting irregular with the Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, in terminal 1 of the Madrid airport.

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The number two of the Caracas Executive “is almost European,” said the president at a press conference. Rodriguez spent six years in London and five years in Paris serving as ambassador in both countries, he explained. “I tell the Francoist right, Vox and the PP to calm the nerves and stop the persecution against Venezuela,” he said.

Detention of Juan Guaidó
On the possibility that the Government of Venezuela detain the president in charge, Juan Guaidó, after violating the ban on leaving the country twice, Maduro said it will be the courts that decide when to do so. “The day that the courts of the Republic give the mandate to detain Juan Guaidó for all the crimes he has committed, that day he will go to jail.”

As for the uncle of Guaidó, Juan José Márquez, arrested last Tuesday at the Caracas airport and taken to the courts that issued his custody, the president did not want to give an opinion because he assured that it is a matter that belongs to Attorney General Tarek William Saab Nor did he answer if he was going to sanction the Portuguese airline TAP and if they had, in effect, done the corresponding investigations to see where he was carrying the alleged explosives.

Maduro said that tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday they will do military exercises in the south of the country. “We are going to mobilize more than 2,000,000 fighters of the National Armed Forces to defend the homeland,” he said. These exercises will respond to the support of the Government of Brazil, Jaír Bolsonaro, who welcomed the military uprising in the mutiny of Luepa, in the Bolívar state, south of the country, after the failed uprising last December. .


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