Magaly Medina and Soap Opera Competition: ‘Perdóname’ Premiere Set to Challenge Her Show

2023-09-14 04:29:47

Magaly Medina spoke about the competition she will have with the premiere, this September 27 at 9:35 pm, of the soap opera ‘Perdóname’, which stars Aldo Miyashiro and Érika Villalobos

Magaly, the soap opera ‘Perdóname’ is going to compete with your program.

Yes, it will compete as I have competed with ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’ for many years, as I compete with ‘Luz de Luna’, as I have competed all my life, I will never give up on the productions that América Televisión puts me in front of. America is the first place in the ranking, in the primetime as well, and I am the second most watched in the primetime of all national television and it has been like this for many years. All my life they have given me productions that have 23, 22 rating points and when there have been productions that have faltered, that have had 16, 15 points that I fought against them on equal terms, they have lifted those productions and put new and more powerful to face us because that is the competition. People, especially here in Peru, stick to national soap operas and that’s great. Don’t come to me and say like the petty people from ‘America Today’ who claim that how are we going to compete, that’s why I’m bringing up Fiorella Retiz. Me with my 14, 13 rating points, because now we no longer do 18 or 20 points, because all the audiences have gone down, I give battle, I beat the chef (the great…) and everyone else in the schedule stellar. The first place is from America and I have been competing with them for 25 years, it is not now, I have always competed not only with this Miyashiro novel, but with another one, so I am not afraid of it. They are going to beat me, but second place is undoubtedly mine, on my channel I am first place, on national TV I am second, it has been years and I am fine with that, as long as Latin America does not beat me, America will always win because it is the leader in the programming many years ago.

More details of the soap opera are already being revealed.

And as we announced, after the channel aired the promotion during the Paraguay-Peru match, even their children were going to participate and there it is. I don’t know why the petty ones are horrified and on top of that Miyashiro doesn’t want this topic to be talked about. Please! Of course, the story is not theirs, but the title and seeing them together, after the ‘ampay’, what generates morbidity and marketing because everyone is going to follow the soap opera to see them. So let Miyashiro act like an adult, because he knows very well that we have to assume the consequences of our good and bad actions, although now both of them are looking terrible. Even Érika, because when many people were happy to see her hanging out with another, she is now recording a soap opera with the man who publicly humiliated her as if nothing had happened, they have done that for billing.


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