Majin Buu has a new transformation in Dragon Ball Super

While the story of Dragon Ball has taken a break in the anime, the manga is a totally different situation. The Adventures of Goku, Vegeta and the rest of the Z Warriors continues hand in hand with Akira Toriyama y Toyotaro thanks to the latest bow with Moro, that has given us a glimpse of the new transformation of Majin Buu.

As you may remember, Majin Buu absorbed the Gran Kaio-Shin in Dragon Ball Z, and as a consequence, he got that appearance. However, the consciousness of the Gran Kaio-Shin remained inside the body of Buu, and it was thanks to this that the old villain managed to transform into a new facet with the hopes of destroying Moro.


In the world of video games, Dragon Ball is still present thanks to Dragon Ball FighterZ, which will soon receive two more DLC characters with Super Baby 2 and Gogeta Super Shopping Fase 4.


Via: MangaPlus

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