Make sure to log in to PS5! Hideo Kojima releases trailer for “Death Stranding Director’s Cut” | Game | New Talk

The E3 video game exhibition, which was closed last year and was adopted throughout this year, will make its debut this morning at the Summer Game Fest Summer Game Festival in Taiwan time. The well-known Japanese game producer Hideo Kojima revealed that the delivery game “Death Strading” will be launched. 4K/60FPS director’s version and landed on the PlayStation5 platform.

In this latest trailer of “Death Stranding Director’s Cut”, we can see the male protagonist Sam in an underground facility, avoiding the sight of patrolling soldiers. In the trailer, the camera is continuously brought to a courier company in the world of the game. For all the cartons of Fragile Express, after Sam poured out the contents, he jumped into the cartons, which was quite playful.

Whether the screen of the trailer is a tribute to Kojima’s past works, or what content will be added to the game at that time, I believe you will know when you play. Currently, “Death Stranding Director’s Cut Version” has not announced its launch schedule.

Hideo Kojima revealed that “Death Strading” (Death Strading) will launch a 4K/60FPS director’s edition and land on the PlayStation5 platform. Picture: Reproduced from KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS YouTube


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