Maluma’s spicy mention of Tini in his new song that he later posted on Twitter

In the last hours, the Colombian Maluma premiered his most recent song, cupsa collaboration with the Puerto Rican duo Jowell & Randy that went viral in recent hours due to a detail in its lyrics involving the Argentine Tini Stoessel.

The subject in question is reggaeton in a romantic key in which mention is made of a woman who loses her inhibitions when drinking alcohol. “She speaks to me very well, although not Tini and opens her legs like a Lamborghini”, says the phrase of the song that she names the interpreter of Cupid.

But that was not all. The Colombian artist decided to share that same phrase on his Twitter account, where he adds a couple of emojis to the words he sings during the song with Jowell & Randy. Logically, the mention of Argentina did not go unnoticed and became a topic of conversation on the social network.

The reaction of the fans: is a collaboration between Tini and Maluma coming?

Of course, the spicy reference to the Argentine singer generated immediate comments. Although some users mentioned the association between the artist and the car of the luxurious Italian brand, a good part of the comments generated by Maluma’s publication amplified the rumors of an imminent collaboration between the Colombian and Tini.

A photo between the two artists was also replicated in various Twitter posts, but in a completely different context. In the image, which was taken at an awards ceremony in 2016, Tini and Maluma take off a selfie at the request of Argentina, who, although she was already a nationally renowned singer, did not have the global impact that her colleague, whom she especially admired, had.

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