Malwarebytes starts VPN for Windows: The tool can

Malwarebytes Privacy is brand new and for now only available for Windows. Windows 7 or newer are supported, the client is easy to install and easy to use. There is an automatic system that immediately grabs a VPN server, alternatively users can also manually select a server. According to Malwarebytes, there are currently around 180 servers in 30 countries. The selection is small compared to other services such as NordVPN.

But apps are missed more painfully than a larger server infrastructure. Malwarebytes Privacy has no app ready for Android or iOS. Even interested Windows users cannot simply try Malwarebytes Privacy, unfortunately there is no free trial version either. So you have to buy the cat in a poke – and for an annual subscription you have to pay 130 euros. After all, there is currently a cheaper introductory price of 79.99 euros per year.

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