Man deliberately infects 30 women with HIV

24 years in prison for 36 year olds

He knew he was HIV positive. Even so, one man had unprotected sex with women until his arrest in 2015. He infected 30 of them with the virus. The 36-year-old has now been sentenced in Rome. He has to go to prison for 24 years.

Even a baby became infected

The man is said to have known about his HI infection since 2006. Nevertheless, he did not take any protective measures during sexual intercourse. The women affected are said to have been between 14 and 40 years old, reports the newspaper “Österreich”.
As a result of unprotected traffic, life partners and even a baby are said to have contracted the virus.

He told of a fresh negative HIV test

The infected person found his sex partner online, it is said. Under the pseudonym “Hearty Style” he is said to have hunted for partners in dating sites. At the meetings he is said to have played deep feelings for the women and persuaded them to have unprotected sex. As a reason for his wish, he often mentioned a rubber allergy – or a very recent negative HIV test.

Often he even met several women in the same period, according to the report. Some would have confronted him after learning of their HI infection. The now convicted had rejected all allegations at the time.

Now, five years after his last activity, the man has finally been held accountable. But the mischief that he has caused cannot be repaired even with it.


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