Man Utd’s ranking dropped! Revealed 10 The most valuable team in the Premier League

“Red Devils” Manchester United work both on and off the field. The latest from the rankings of the 10 most valuable teams in the Premier League, the Red Devils can’t escape the drop.

from the announcement of Transfer Market on January 6, it appears that Ralph Rangnick’s side have already lost second place after being overtaken by Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel.

Manchester City, the city’s compatriots, remain at the top of the crowd as Pep Guardiola’s side are in contention for another Premier League title, while City’s captain Raheem Sterling D, Kevin De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva have both performed so well that the Etihad Stadium’s top teams are worth £892 million, or average players are worth their earnings. 37.2 million pounds (about 1,695 million baht)

Liverpool, another Premier League title contender, are in fourth place, followed by youngsters Spurs and Arsenal, who are valued at more than £500m despite the falling average age of their players. Only at 25 years

However, the assessment results were made prior to the closure of the January transfer window. If Manchester City grabbed a top striker like Erling Haaland, the Borussia Dortmund spearhead, join the army this month, it would make the club’s value for the league champions. soar higher

Summary of the top 10 most valuable teams in the Premier League

1. Manchester City 892.89 million pounds (about 40,706 million baht)

2. Chelsea 790.65 million pounds

3. Manchester United 778.73 million pounds

4. Liverpool, 774.90 million pounds

5. Spurs £579.65 million

6. Arsenal 505.80 million pounds

7. Leicester 464.22 million pounds

8. Everton, £390.38 million

9. Aston Villa, £379.17 million

10. Wolves 330.84 million pounds

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