Man wanted to tattoo Messi, but design was like Voldemort, from Harry Potter

Argentina claimed its third orbital crown after beating France from the penalty spot in what many called the best final in the history of the championship.

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Lionel Messi was the great figure of his team and was finally able to lift the trophy, image that became iconic on Instagram y now he is in the skin of millions of people around the planet.

And it is that the ‘crack’ tattoos became fashionable. A Colombian ‘tiktoker’ deceived many with a design on his face with the name of the Argentine player, although it ended up being part of a joke on networks.

Man wanted to get a tattoo Messibut design was like Voldemort, from ‘Harry Potter’

The official Instagram account of Clarín, from Argentina, published an image showing the tattoo of an Argentine fan and that Many qualify that he remained as the villain of the young magician’s tapes:

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The design that has the outline of the World Cup trophy and Messi’s face is similar, for many, to the face of Voldemort, the villain of the saga ‘Harry Potter’.

Some netizens matched the famous phrase of the ’10’ of what are you looking at, silly, to say that the tattoo defines very well the theme of the movies inspired by JK Rowling’s books:

“Look Potter, go pagryffindor”, “Maybe he wanted his Voldermessi”.

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