Managing the Consequences of Floods: Destruction of Renovated Houses in Verviers and Pepinster

2023-10-20 06:37:00

Following the floods of 2021, measures are being taken to limit the consequences in the event of further flooding. Dozens of houses will be destroyed to make room for waterways. A program that sometimes takes place despite common sense. Some houses will be destroyed even though they have been renovated.

We all still remember the deadly floods of summer 2021 in the south of Belgium. Since this tragedy, the victims have rebuilt their property, the victims have been compensated and measures have been taken to leave more room for waterways. These flood zones push the authorities to destroy houses which had just been renovated.

This is the case for Muriel, who lives near Verviers. 2 years ago, she had more than 1 meter of water in her house which has now been completely renovated. 150,000 euros of work including 120,000 paid by insurance and 30,000 out of his own pocket. She had received authorization from the municipality. “They lifted the seal on the house to do the work. So what did I do? I did the work. And, at the last moment, I was told that, according to the masterplan, the famous study, I would not be able to return to it.” regrets the owner. She fears she will never be able to get her money back. “It’s scandalous what we do to people.” she believes.

63 houses demolished in Verviers

In Verviers, 63 houses were demolished to give the water room to overflow and flow away. Jean-Marie is a tenant, his home will be destroyed, despite the work already carried out. “It’s disgusting. They should have warned the owners rather than do anything again then. We brought new furniture and then we will have to move again. Twice the work”, he whispers.

In Pepinster, Christelle and Sylvain redid everything in the house. Kitchen, electricity, heating, plumbing. They have just received a buyout offer of 140,000 euros from the municipality because their home is located in an area defined by the Walloon Region as liable to flooding in the event of floods. But it is impossible to relocate with such a low budget. “If we had really been told, you don’t owe it, we could have put our money back into something else.” regrets the mother of three children.

Inundations verviers Pepinster

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