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Original title: Manchester City VS Atletico Madrid sign resolution: Sheets army even battles Manchester City duo conflict big showdown

On the evening of March 18th, Beijing time, the draw for the quarter-finals of the 2021-2022 UEFA Champions League was announced. Manchester City met the Spanish powerhouse Atletico Madrid. What kind of grievances and grievances did these two teams have in history, and what kind of sparks will they encounter now? , let’s take a look at the focus of this quarterfinal matchup.

Battle record

Manchester City and Atletico Madrid have never faced each other in a European competition before, be it the Champions League or the Europa League.

Aspect 1: Contradictory War

Manchester City have played very well in the Champions League this season. First, they faced Paris in the group stage. They overpowered their opponents and qualified first in the group. In the quarter-finals, they can be described as the easiest team to advance to. The Blue Moon defeated Portugal 5-0 away in the first round to determine the promotion. Atletico Madrid is a bit bumpy here. In the death group with Liverpool, AC Milan and Porto, Atletico Madrid and the Rossoneri and Porto are inseparable, and they did not advance until the final round. In the quarter-finals, the sheets faced another Manchester United team, Manchester United. In the case of a draw at home, Simeone’s team advanced 1-0 against the Red Devils at Old Trafford. Fan is also their continuous expedition against the Manchester City duo. Atletico Madrid also became the first team to face the Manchester City duo in the knockout stages of the UEFA Cup after Juventus in the UEFA Cup in the 1976-1977 season. Interestingly, the Bianconeri won the UEFA Cup that year. The final champion.

In addition, the contest between the two teams is also a conflict of war. Manchester City have racked up 18 goals in the group stage this season, only Bayern and Ajax have more. The 5 goals in the quarter-finals also ranked after the South King, becoming the team with the second most goals in the knockout stage. Atletico Madrid’s attacking power is quite weak, with only 7 goals in the group stage, but their defense is not bad, they only conceded 8 goals in the group stage, and they scored a hat-trick in the face of Old Trafford. Cristiano Ronaldo, Simeone’s team was stunned to directly seal the Champions League king. In this battle between Manchester City and Atletico Madrid, let us see whether the Blue Moon’s spear is more powerful or the sheet legion’s shield is stronger.

Aspect 2: Guardiola PK Simeone’s famous showdown

Manchester City and Atletico Madrid’s Champions League knockout round is still a big competition between the two coaches, with Guardiola facing Simeone. Although Guardiola is young, he is also a veteran of more than ten years in European football. Guardiola has been a benchmark for world football coaches since he created a dynasty in Barcelona. In addition to winning countless championship trophies, Guardiola is still subtly influencing the technical and tactical trends of world football. And Simeone is not showing weakness. The Argentine coach has been doing it for 11 years since he took up the coach of the Sheet Legion in 2011, and he has become the godfather of Atletico Madrid. In the eleven years at Atletico Madrid, Simeone not only injected the team with the spirit and will of the iron-blooded defense, but also made a lot of achievements for the team. He led the sheet legion to win 2 La Liga titles, 2 Europa League titles and 2 European Super Cup winners. However, it is a little regrettable that Simeone led the team to the Champions League final twice, but they all lost to Real Madrid, once in overtime, and once in a penalty shootout.

However, in the direct contest between the two coaches, although Simeone’s total score of 1 win and 2 losses was not as good as Guardiola’s, there were 2 games in the Champions League semi-finals of the 2015-16 season. At that time, Bayern, led by Guardiola, faced Simeone’s Atletico Madrid and defeated the Southern Stars 1-0 at home. Although they lost 1-2 to Bayern in the second round, but with an away goal Advantage, Simeone and his team advanced to the final with their heads held high. Guardiola also left Bayern to coach Manchester City at the end of that season. The coaching styles of the two have completely different styles. Guardiola is an idealist, and his pass-and-control tactics make the game quite delicate and exciting, while Simeone is a pragmatist, and the sheets often aim for small wins . This time the two fought again, and it was also a battle of revenge for Guardiola.

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