Manchester City’s Triple Crown Quest: Bids for Rice and Gvardiol Exceed 184 Million Pounds

2023-06-27 21:33:58

After the captain Gundogan switched to Barcelona, ​​the “Triple Crown” Manchester City made a final attack and formally bid for West Ham’s England midfielder Rice; Bundesliga RB Leipzig’s Croatian star Gvardiol has strengthened the strength of the midfield. The two are worth a lot of money. It is estimated that “Blue Moon” will cost more than 184 million pounds (about 1.83 billion Hong Kong dollars) to win the favor.

Gendujan left the team and midfielder Bernardo Silva (Silva) who still has a two-year contract, was favored by the Saudi football club Al Hilal (Al Hilal). Blue Moon continued to replenish the manpower, and finally officially paid 80 million pounds, with an additional 10 million pounds, and strived to make the England midfielder DeGran Rice pass. This bid is the same as Arsenal’s second rejected bid of 75 million pounds. The condition of the floating £15 million is similar. It is expected that Godiona and Adidas will continue the “master-student battle” in the player market, and it will become intense in the next few days. It is estimated that the bid will be 100 million pounds before West Ham will sell this A 24-year-old captain midfielder.

Hua Duer became the number one target of handsome brother

As for the handsome man, he is more eager to add a strong player. The 21-year-old Croatian stalwart Gavadur has become the number one prey. According to the “BBC” report, Manchester City has initially contacted the team of the Croatian World Cup third place hero; Leipzig stipulates in the contract that a release fee of 110 million euros (94.35 million pounds) can be activated next summer, which means that if the Bundesliga club releases the player a year earlier, the release fee will not be lower than this amount. Gavadur, who can serve as a left-back center and is capable of playing a three-man or four-man defense, will become the most expensive defender in the world, surpassing Harry Maguire, who transferred from Leicester City to Manchester United in 2019, if the transfer is successful Will.

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