Manchester United proposes a solution to the crisis of Cristiano Ronaldo Football

A press report stated that Manchester United have submitted a new proposal to Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, who is facing difficulty in finding a team that guarantees him participation in the European Champions League next season.

Ronaldo, 37, is seeking to leave Manchester United in the current summer transfer period due to the absence of the “Red Devils” from the Champions League next season, and the Portuguese star is looking forward to contracting with a team that guarantees him participation in the competition in which he holds the record for the number of goals.

The former Real Madrid player has a contract with Manchester United that extends to the end of next season, and he did not join a pre-season preparation period, and he did not travel with his team on his preparatory tour in Thailand and Australia, and the club’s management justified his absence by being preoccupied with family matters.

However, specialized media reports confirm that the Portuguese star is looking forward to leaving Manchester United, and that he offered his services to a number of major clubs that refused to sign him because of his financial demands or because he did not fit the plans of those teams.

It seems that the Manchester United administration was finally convinced of Ronaldo’s position, and decided to facilitate his task, and to allow him to leave, but in the form of a loan.

And according to the British newspaper, “Mirror”, the United management offered Ronaldo to extend his contract for an additional season, by activating the clause that allows this in the contract that the player signed upon his arrival from Juventus last summer.

This offer allows the player to compete in the Champions League next season with his new team, and to return again the following season to Manchester in order to play a season with the team that will be among the participants in the Champions League, according to the management’s plans with new coach Eric Tan Hag.

According to the British newspaper, this new offer will ease the pressure imposed by the companies financing the team, which refuse to give up Ronaldo for his big role in marketing and promotion policies.

The newspaper said that Manchester United’s offer surprised Ronaldo’s agent, and confirmed that the player had not yet responded to the proposal.

The Portuguese star scored 24 goals in 37 games last season with Manchester United, but that was not enough to contribute to leading the team to qualify for the Champions League.

United finished last season in the English Premier League in sixth place with 58 points, far from the top four qualifying for the Champions League.

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