Manizales, Valle and Meta Lotteries: Results and Jackpot Prizes – February 14

2024-02-22 01:51:37

This, like every Wednesday, the Manizales, Valle and Meta Lotteries are played between 10:30 and 11:00 pm. If you bet on any of these games, we invite you to stay tuned for tonight’s results.

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Manizales Lottery

The Manizales Lottery awards the sum of 2.2 billion pesos as the jackpot prize. Tonight’s winning number is 1909 from the 260 series.

The draw is broadcast live on the Telecafé channel. Dry prizes for 30, 50, 80 and 100 million pesos are also played. You can get one ticket from this game worth $10,000 and the fraction costs $2,000. You can purchase these from your trusted lottery dealer or from authorized points of sale.

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Valley Lottery

The Lotería del Valle draw offers the jackpot 6,000 million pesos. Tonight’s prize is for number 2782 of series 181, shipped to the city of Pereira.

According to the official lottery website, when the prize obtained exceeds the value of 20 million pesos, the winner must appear at the Beneficencia del Valle facilities with the winning ticket or fraction, which he will sign with his signature and fingerprint on the back part.

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Meta Lottery

Finally, for this Wednesday’s drawing, the winning number takes home $1.5 billion. Tonight’s winner is 7887 of series 067, shipped to Villavicencio.

Prizes less than 5,000,000 pesos can be claimed at any national distribution point. If they are greater than this value, the winner must go to the headquarters of the Lotería del Meta: calle 38 # 32-37 Centro-Edificio Parque Santander, Villavicencio.


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