Manner waffle leftovers are to be processed into gin – Food & Drink

2023-08-25 09:00:00

You know it from the breakfast table at home: If you make waffles in a waffle iron, it swells out on the sides. Of course they eat it, but in industry it’s a little different. The leftovers in the waffle production cannot be processed and are disposed of accordingly. This also applies to the production of Manner wafers. Now the company Unverschvertt (which produces its own products from rescued vegetables for the discounter Hofer) has teamed up with Manner and the spirits manufacturer Gölles and hatched an idea: They want to distil gin from the leftover waffles. This is then called “No Gin”, because according to the Food Act, the basic alcohol has to come from agricultural products. The gin is scheduled to be launched in October in two varieties, with lemon or chocolate notes. For this you still collect support through crowdfunding: 20,000 euros are needed for the first tranche of the waffle gin.

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