Manuela Royo’s unfiltered response to Teresa Marinovic in her Twitter roundup

During the weekend and this Monday, the ex-constituent members Manuela Royo and Teresa Marinovic, got involved in a strong discussion on Twitter, where personal attacks were launched.

The former constituents Manuela Royo and Teresa Marinovic have launched harsh words and personal attacksin a fight over Twitter that began over the weekend and continued on Monday.

It all started when the spokeswoman for MODATIMA criticized an activity that the ultra-right representative was going to have at the Constitutional Convention, announcing it on Twitter.

When one finds that ex-colleagues are falling low with their sensationalist CC books, one comes @teremarinovic and he charges you 15 Lucas to learn to attract attention . What secrets will he tell? How to be racist, homophobic and ordinary? Thanks a lot!”, Launched Manuela Royo.

Teresa Marinovic’s response was immediate. “The talk is about oral and written expression. I can give you a special one on how to overcome bitterness and fake news from the far left (and I can also add some free tips about conquest)”, he pointed out, with some internal assertion.

Royo did not stop there and took out his heaviest artillery. “What a good argumentative level. Thanks but I prefer to spend the 15 Lucas at the fair. And to learn to “conquer” old men with money, I pass“, Shooting.

Teresa Marinovic’s activity is part of his new activity after ceasing to be conventional. It is a series of talks and advice on oral and written expressionwhich are by Zoom and charge $15,000 for each one.

The former right-wing constituent closed everything by uploading a video of one of her speeches at the convention.

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