‘many were afraid and hurt’; Chiranjeevi denied the reports that he was suffering from cancer

2023-06-04 06:03:42

He accused some media outlets of giving him the news that he had cancer.

Chiranjeevi | Photo: www.facebook.com/ChiranjeeviFC

TheTelugu megastar Chiranjeevi is a very popular star in Indian cinema. The news that Chiranjeevi was suffering from cancer spread like wildfire last day. Hearing this, the fans were also worried. With this, Chiranjeevi himself came to the scene with an explanation on this issue.

A part of Chiranjeevi’s speech at the inauguration of a cancer center in Andhra caused confusion. It was reported that after an examination, non-cancerous polyps were found and removed from his body. But Chiranjeevi tweeted that if he had not done the test, it would have resulted in cancer.

“Some time back during the inauguration of a cancer center there was a talk about the need to create more awareness about cancer. Proper medical check-ups can prevent this disease. I was careful and had a colonoscopy test. It was found to be a kind of thin mucosa that protruded and was removed soon. Otherwise it would have led to cancer. That’s why the medical check-up. I said about doing it right.” Chiranjeevi clarified.

But he accused some media outlets of giving him the news that he had cancer. This has caused unnecessary confusion. Many well-wishers send messages about his health. This clarification is for all of them. Chiranjeevi added that many people are scared and hurt due to false propaganda.

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