Marcelo Tinelli’s Hilarious Refrigerator Inspection of Coti Sorokin

2024-02-22 03:49:00

There is nothing worse than an indiscreet father-in-law, and if he also enters his son-in-law’s house, checks everything and shares the photos with millions of followers, the thing does not seem profitable, just as what happened to Coti Sorokin with Marcelo Tinelli .

The “bighead” infiltrated the musician’s house and checked everything, in a thorough inspection with the aim of ensuring “a good future for his daughter” Cande, and the driver’s first objective was none other than the refrigerator.

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Thus, Marcelo published a photo in which you can see a plate with two portions of a small chocolate pudding inside Coti’s refrigerator, something that put the driver of Bailando on alert.

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“I’m looking with my camera hidden in your refrigerator, dear son-in-law, and I’m half worried about my daughter’s future on a gastronomic level,” wrote Marcelo Tinelli in the first of his stories.

“After marriage, will there be anything else in there? “Everything is half empty,” she let Tinelli know in the same story, in reference to the wedding of her daughter with the singer that will finally take place on March 24.

Stories by Marcelo Tinelli about Coti Sorokin’s refrigerator (Photo: Instagram @marcelotinelli)

Stories by Marcelo Tinelli about Coti Sorokin’s refrigerator (Photo: Instagram @marcelotinelli)

In another story, Marcelo showed another shelf in the refrigerator, in which you can see a Styrofoam container with what appears to be chard or spinach bites. “Those torrejas that you have stored in the refrigerator for a week. Dear son-in-law, did they not turn out well for you or what happened? “I am worried about my daughter Candelaria,” Marcelo closed, with great irony.

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