March 7 votes – Burqa hinders freedom and equality, right-wing committee says

Represented in particular by the SVP Jean-Luc Addor, the Egerkingen committee kicked off the campaign of its initiative “Yes to the ban on hiding the face” Thursday.

The Egerkingen committee launched the campaign for its initiative “Yes to the ban on concealing the face”, which targets in particular women wearing the burqa (symbolic image).


Banning the burqa, the niqab or the balaclava would ensure freedom, equality and security for everyone. The Egerkingen committee on Thursday launched the campaign for its “Yes to the ban on hiding the face” initiative, submitted to the people on March 7.

“Even in a small town like Zion, you see women wearing a niqab. Fortunately not every day, but we see some, ”said Jean-Luc Addor (UDC / VS), member of the committee made up of representatives of the right, to the press. The trend is on the rise and shows a real problem, according to the Valaisan.

“War of civilizations”

“The full veil is closely linked to radical Islamist ideology and is contrary to our way of life,” added Walter Wobmann (UDC / SO), chairman of the Egerkingen committee. “This undemocratic ideology also conveys the absurd idea that all non-Muslims are infidels and the totalitarian Islamic legal order, Sharia, is above our Constitution.”

Jean-Luc Addor did not hesitate to speak of a “war of civilizations”. “We are in a state of self-defense against certain aspects of the Islamization of Europe and of our country.”

“In our culture, it is customary to show your face in public space”, further pointed out Walter Wobmann. Hiding your face is against the social order. And the Soleurois to specify that this also applies to violent delinquents, masked vandals and hooligans. These endanger human lives and cause material damage amounting to millions of francs.

Veiled women “prisoners”

For once, the representatives of the SVP have also been advocates for women’s rights. The full veil is a symbol of submission, a form of abuse and alienation, even intolerance and obscurantism, assured Jean-Luc Addor.

Such clothes “deprive women of any individuality and seriously hamper their freedom of movement,” added Barbara Steinemann (UDC / ZH), member of the same committee. Women wearing the burqa or niqab are not simply veiled, she continued. “They are controlled, oppressed, held captive.”

For the Egerkingen committee, the initiative is not contrary to freedom of religion or freedom of opinion. And the counter-project drawn up by Parliament is only an “alibi”. Its main demands are already valid, criticized the MP.

Cantonal discharges

The counter-proposal is that a person be required to show their face for identification purposes. A fine of maximum 10,000 francs is provided for in the event of refusal. The text includes provisions in favor of gender equality and inclusion, in particular for foreign women, children and young people.

The Chambers adopted it to block the road to initiative. They believe that the latter does not protect women. On the contrary, some men could be pressured to forbid their wives to leave the house. It would also be an interference in the competence of the cantons.

While Ticino and St. Gallen already ban the burqa, several other cantons (ZH, SO, SZ, BS and GL) have refused such a ban. It should not be imposed on them, according to parliamentarians.


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