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Except for the most die-hard Real Madrid fans, those who are capable of tolerating 10 seconds of Real Madrid TV’s poisonous broadcasts, Messi is the best; However, his recent The Best has caused a controversy, I would say unparalleled, but each vote, even if it is to choose Miss Pretty with Glasses in Serranilla de la Puebla, raises the bar of controversy. The fact that it is one of those awards that no one cares about – none of the male nominees were present – ​​does not prevent the followers of those who have not won from being enraged.

“A strange decision: it should have been Erling Haaland,” said Martyn Ziegler, journalist from The Times. “It should”, but the devil carries the ballot boxes. Maybe it should, having achieved success in a more competitive league, but it didn’t seem like it should to those who freely chose. And to question it is to amend people like Mbappe, Modric or Salah, who will know something about the subject.

The followers of Barbiefor whom it is unfair that five actresses who are not Margot Robbie have been nominated and disguise his contradiction of controversy, a campaign orchestrated by a sexist Academy and in cahoots with Ken played by Ryan Gosling, who has been nominated. As if the selection process took place during a meeting of hooded men throughout Eyes Wide Shut and they weren’t simply the rest of the actors voting for whoever they wanted. Appreciating that other performers have been able to do better work does not occur to them, for that they would have to see their films and that is exhausting. Better to launch into a shameful plot contortionism that explains both this supposed machismo and the nomination of América Ferrera, because conspiracy is like slime, it adapts to all terrains.

2024 is starting badly for the blondes, one day it had to be their turn.

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