María Eugenia Vidal broke the silence: “In my government there was no judicial table or armed causes”

Maria Eugenia Vidal, deputy of Together for Change, I speak in LN+ and broke the silence after the controversy that was generated with the video that involves former officials of his administration with businessmen and spies in the alleged persecution of union leaders. “In my government there was neither a judicial table nor armed causes, neither unionists nor anyone else. All those who today are invoked as persecuted were investigated by the Justice, not by my government, with clear and conclusive evidence, and that is why his arrest was requested ”, he argued.

After that he stopped in the cases of “Pata” Medina Y Marcelo Balcedo, and highlighted: “They had requested arrests long before I was governor. The ‘Pata’ Medina was imprisoned 14 years before I was governor, and Balcedo had an arrest warrant, from which he fled the country, in 2007 for extorting two provincial deputies from the Renovador Front. We are talking about mafia people who cannot go through a circus now armed by Kirchnerism” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>armed by Kirchnerism, from victimizer to victim ”.

Vidal listed a series of crimes related to “Pata” Medina, such as extortion of businessmen. As he explained, the trade unionist’s way of acting made carrying out works in La Plata cost “between 70% and 80% more expensive” because it “forced companies” to work with certain suppliers and, “if they refused these conditions, paralyzed the works and carried out intimidating and violent actions ”.

“He did not need my government or anyone to create a cause for him to go to prison, what he did need was an honest government that did not protect him and a Justice that knew it could act independently, “he said. And later he added: “The businessmen were victims of ‘Pata’ Medina and my government accompanies them to file a complaint because they were afraid. He had always been protected, and he went to the acts of Kirchnerism ”.

Beyond this, the former governor of Buenos Aires referred to the reference to the “Gestapo”, on the part of whoever was his Minister of Labor in the province of Buenos Aires, Marcelo Villegas. “The expression does not constitute a crime, but it is absolutely reprehensible and unjustifiable. He apologized, not only publicly, but also called the presidents of different Jewish entities to apologize privately and personally, “he said.

On this point, he pointed out that “apologies were essential” and said that “later a way of reparation will come because the Gestapo is not something to trivialize.” Then, he marked: “Not only was there no Gestapo, but it is not a term that can be used because it trivializes the suffering of the victims of the holocaust.” However, he clarified: “One thing is an expression, which also he ends that sentence saying ‘but the laws are the laws’, which clearly shows that he was going to comply with the law ”, and another thing is a crime and an armed cause ”.

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In relation to this, Vidal stressed that “The meeting was illegally recorded because, until now, no judge has ordered a recording of that meeting or any kind of follow-up ”. So, he noticed three issues around this. On the one hand, that the current AFI intervener, Cristina Caamaño, “It took two years to find the video.” Second, that he denounced it “in front of a judge who is incompetent from the city of La Plata when the event occurred in the Federal Capital.” And finally, that he did it when “Pata” Medina himself had already denounced the Cambiemos management a year ago, saying that they had set up a case for him, so there was a court that was investigating the incident.

“The natural thing is that if, the intervener wanted to present this video, although it does not constitute evidence because it is illegally recorded, she would do so in the court that was already investigating. There’s a modus operandi that is repeated where the head of spies of the national government, which is also part of Legitimate Justice, choose the judges where the cases are presented ”, he sentenced, saying that, behind this,“there is a clear political intention”. “It is inexplicable, and he will have to explain why he finds an illegal video two years later and presents it as evidence when he knows it is not.”

In the interview, the deputy also said that in the last time she was talking with Villegas and, in relation to this, she explained why she did not speak before: “Much of the time why I delayed in answering is because I found out about this meeting through the media And of course I had to rebuild everything that had happened. Many of those who were in that meeting told me that they did not know that there were people from the AFI. That is something that the people of the AFI have to explain in court ”.

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