Mariana Derderián said that she was discriminated against in Bruges by colleagues: “You were the scum of the cast” | TV and show

Witches was the first teleseries by Mariana Derderián and, as she revealed, “Witches were witches, some of them.”

The first experience of Mariana Derderian on television it was on the soap opera witchesto which he arrived by chance and of which he does not have the best memories.

As told in the divine foodwhere she shared with Tamara Acosta, Pablo Mackenna and Francesco Gazzella, part of the cast of the soap opera was not very nice to her because she was not a professional actress.

Derderián came to the production of Channel 13 after accompanying a friend to a casting. At the time, she was 25 years old, studying business engineering, and acting as a hobby.

In fact, I had only taken one of the three workshops offered by Fernando González.

“I was going to leave the channel (after the casting), they call me and tell me ‘turn back’, and I stayed there in Bruges,” he recalled.

Mariana Derderián: “The Witches were some witches”

“The Witches were some witches…”, she confessed, adding that she felt discrimination for not being an actress, but that Jorge Zabaleta and Carolina Arregui -who are not actors- and they were the protagonists, they helped her get ahead.

“I think that everything has changed, the prejudices are a little more… Because in the end it is a job, there are hours of flight. There are people who study theater and I find them really killed (sic), ”she said.

The actress recalled that although they did not say anything to the face, yes “They made you feel, you were the scum of the cast.”

Mariana Derderián, for her part, did not give up her studies and while recording witches finished his thesis at night.

She got her degree while working on Gatas y tuercas, also on Channel 13, after which she was called up by TVN to star in Floribella.

“It was super pretty, the truth is that I had a great time, I learned cove, to this day they call me ‘La Floribella!'” he closed.

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