Marilyn Monroe biography on Netflix after Venice

Follow up: Nazik Issa

The “Netflix” platform has started showing one of its biggest cinematic productions this year, the movie “Blond”, which deals with the biography of the big screen icon Marilyn Monroe.
The character of Monroe is played by the rising Cuban star Ana de Armas, knowing that the performance of the 34-year-old actress impressed during the film’s screening at the Venice Film Festival in early September, but the work did not win any award.
Like all Netflix productions, “Blond” will not be shown in cinemas but will be made available by the streaming platform to its 220 million subscribers.
The work does not focus on the glamor surrounding the icon of popular culture, who died at the age of 36, but rather shows the tragic side of Marilyn Monroe’s life, which was destroyed by the male dominant in Hollywood and in the United States in general during the era of President John F. Kennedy.

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