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Husband is working hard to make money, but his wife is immersed in male model shop every night. A mainland netizen said that in May last year, his wife was called to a KTV with male models to sing, “Under her classmate’s tricks, my wife ordered A male model, and then out of control, my wife has since sunk, and the children in the family don’t care.”

Netizens reported that KTV was accompanied by male models. (Picture / Retrieved from

According to a report by, a netizen from Yiyang City, Hunan Province said that he originally had a happy family, and his children were about to go to elementary school and kindergarten. Because of his lack of talent, he was assigned a job by the government after he was discharged from the army and became a first-class student. Name security, after marriage, due to financial problems, I worked in a construction site outside, and rarely returned home once a month. “In such a situation, my wife was left out.”

Unexpectedly, his wife, who was too busy at home, was called by a friend to sing in Ocean City in May last year. “There is a male model field there, specializing in male models to accompany them. The last class was paid 600 yuan.” I did not expect his wife I ordered a male model, and since then I have been sinking. The netizen asked for help and hoped that the Yiyang City Public Security Bureau would severely punish him.

Yiyang Public Security Bureau replied.  (Picture / Retrieved from
Yiyang Public Security Bureau replied. (Picture / Retrieved from

The Heshan Branch of the Yiyang Public Security Bureau stated on the 13th, “After learning about the situation, our bureau attached great importance to it and immediately arranged for the relevant departments to verify the information. The relevant information is hereby replied as follows: On May 27, the public security brigade of our bureau organized a police force against Ocean City. Super Good Voice KTV launched a surprise inspection. After investigation, the place was suspected of providing paid escort services. At present, the public security organs have ordered the place to suspend business for 3 months for rectification, and have confiscated 100,000 yuan of illegal income.” The local public security bureau also stated that it will continue to crack down on pornographic crimes in entertainment venues, and welcomes the general public to actively report problems and clues.

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