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Martial arts pre-war strategy RPG “The bright moon in Qin Dynasty: the sea” announced today that 10:00 officially opened the Android test. The martial arts are immortal, and the rivers and lakes are re-emerging. Together with Qin Shi, they return to the Daqin era. In the turbulent times, they experience the free and easy, affectionate and righteous arena and enmity.

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A hundred schools of thought contend and return to Daqin

The bright moon in Qin Dynasty: the sea“The story is built on the real history of the Qin Dynasty, and tells the ups and downs and growth of various heroes in the torrent of troubled times.In the world of Qin Dynasty, players can not only regain the traditional martial arts spirit, but also enjoy the unique ChinesePhilosophersAt the same time, you can also experience the pull of “chivalry and kingship” in troubled times.

  • Immersive story experience

Multidimensional development of pre-war strategy

to better showPhilosophersThe essence of “The bright moon in Qin Dynasty: the sea“Adopt the battle system of the pre-war strategy. Using Qin Shizhong’s five camps, five formations, six occupations, and seven attack ranges, players can form ever-changing lineups. Through the eight-dimensional three-dimensional training system, the growth of heroes is no longer limited by the restrictions of martial arts and occupations. The highly liberalized multi-dimensional training system will give everyone a free and pure martial arts arena.

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    pre-war strategy system

First test benefits exclusive broadcast

On May 10th, “The bright moon in Qin Dynasty: the sea》Meet the players for the first time, and naturally also prepared a wealth of test benefits, so that players can get acquainted with the world of Qin Dynasty faster and enjoy more game fun.

  • Benefit 1: Log in and get 200 raffles
    Log in to the game every day during the test period and receive free recruitment coupons every day. You can get up to 200 cards in total for eight consecutive days, so you can get a lot of fun. With 200 in hand, are you worried that you won’t be able to draw your favorite hero?
  • Benefit 2: Login on the 8th to get “Lengyan Beauty”
    During this test, as long as you log in for eight days in a row, you can “take into your arms” the two most popular and glamorous beauties in Qin Shizhong. These two are stunning, one is Da Siming, who is charming in appearance and very good at using illusions, and the other is charming and enchanting, proficient in all kinds of poisonous arts, and good at controlling poisonous snakes. Two ruthless beauties meet, which one do you like more?
  • Benefit 3: Seven-day practice to win limited heroes
    After completing the daily practice tasks, you can get the mysterious item Yuruyi. Use Yuruyi to open limited gift boxes and win limited heroes. After each gift box is fully claimed, the reward will be reset, and a new round of good gifts will be won.
  • Benefit 4: Mysterious gifts come every day
    During the test period, as long as you log in to the game every day, you can receive various free gifts from the beasts. Hero experience, token optional treasure chest, recruitment poster… Rich rewards, the more you play, the more rich you are~
The Android limited-time test officially opened at 10:00 on May 10th. Welcome all young heroes to join the arena.go hand in hand. Join the official fan group for more information! The ups and downs of the rivers and lakes, I invite you to go to the Qin Dynasty together.

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