Maryam Hussein celebrates Mother’s Day with strange rituals, and this is what the followers noticed in the form of her daughter! (a witness)

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Country– Moroccan actress Maryam Hussein celebrated Mother’s Day, with a special photo session that brought her together with her mother and her only daughter, Princess.

henna party

Maryam Hussein published pictures of her celebration of Mother’s Day, through her account on “InstagramShe and her mother appeared wearing a green dishdasha. While the princess wears a navy kaftan.

Maryam Hussein, her mother and daughter, Princess
Followers praised the beauty of Maryam Hussein’s daughter

Their celebration included strange rituals such as putting henna on their hands.

Daughter of Maryam Hussein
The ceremony included henna
Daughter of Maryam Hussein
The princess looked radiant in a dark blue caftan

Mariam Hussein commented: “Happy Mother’s Day to all the superheroes out there! I am lucky to have my mother and daughter by my side.”

Saudi Moroccan beauty

And she continued: “Henna is my only meme..God grant us long life and you bow to your great-grandchildren, Lord.”

Daughter of Maryam Hussein
Daughter of Maryam Hussein

Followers praised the beauty of the princess, who saw her as a mixture of Moroccan and Saudi beauty, in relation to her father, the Saudi fashion model Faisal Al-Faisal.

A sexy cheerleader and ballerina

Yesterday, the Moroccan artist took her daughter, the princess, to a party in Dubai, which was filled with naked dancers.

Maryam Hussein published clips and pictures through the comics feature on “Instagram”, showing the moment she and her daughter went to the party.

The Moroccan artist documented her daughter’s interaction with the dancers, who wore bold clothes, ranging from a ballet dress to a sexy cheerleader who wore revealing hot shorts.

Attack on Najwa Karam

In another context, Hussein sparked widespread anger among the Lebanese after attacking the Lebanese artist, Najwa Karam, indirectly.

Maryam Hussein appeared in a video interview, commenting on the “distortion” of dreams about Najwa Karam: “She did not write the name. But they are right.”

And she continued: “The first thing in Lebanon is that you know that no one can get his money, and when you have this amount, why do your people not have this amount?”

The Lebanese considered Maryam Hussein’s speech an insult to them, which made her respond and defend herself.

Mary wrote across TwitterCommenting on the circulating video, I would like to respond and explain what I meant, the Lebanese people whom I consider myself to be their daughter, and who embraced me and treated me with the most beautiful treatment. He is unable to dispose of his money in the bank … no more, no less.”

And the Moroccan artist continued in another tweet: “I, neither Nahar, offended any people or any of the Arab countries. We are all brothers, and most importantly of all, we are talking about how we want to help our brothers, the Syrian people! God protect everyone.”

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